Illuminating druggable targets for mRNA-targeted drug discovery: Veritas In Silico unveils new database of structures on human, mouse, and rat mRNAs, “Kizashi 1.1”

Veritas In Silico Inc. (Representative Director and CEO: Shingo Nakamura; Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) announced that the post-genomic database of mRNA structural motifs, “Kizashi 1.1,” is now available for mRNA-targeted drug discovery.

Kizashi* is a database that contains information on structural motifs found on all human, mouse, and rat mRNAs that can be targeted by small molecule and antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) drugs. Using Kizashi as a catalog, Veritas In Silico will propose highly probable druggable motifs, categorized according to disease type, to its current and future collaborators.

Veritas In Silico’s drug discovery platform, ibVIS, enables the development of small molecule and ASO drugs targeting mRNA structural motifs, which have been identified by its proprietary in silico technology. The company has already launched joint research projects on mRNA-targeted drug discovery with multiple pharmaceutical companies. Their joint and in-house projects give conclusive evidence of the technology’s accuracy and validity in identifying druggable motifs, leading to the idea of comprehensively extracting all mRNA structural motifs and creating a database of the druggable targets.

Kizashi will expand the capability of the ibVIS platform, enabling the identification of druggable motifs, not just on a specific mRNA, but on any mRNA related to the disease to be treated. Furthermore, Kizashi will accelerate the discovery of numerous mRNA-targeted drugs and allow the company to fulfill its mission of providing appropriate treatment for any disease. Veritas In Silico will continue to strengthen its platform technology to develop mRNA-targeted drugs that address unmet medical needs.

*Kizashi means “signs of a bright future” in Japanese.

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