A message from our CEO A message from our CEO

We, at Veritas In Silico, believe that our mission is to deliver new mRNA-targeted drugs to society at the fastest possible pace by providing our platform of technologies to our partner companies who share our vision. The combination of our proprietary tools for identifying hidden druggable targets on the mRNAs and our partners’ chemical libraries will enable us to accelerate drug discovery and provide new treatment options for unmet medical needs. We will act as pathfinders, exploring unchartered scientific territory and guiding others eager to embark in the journey towards innovative drug discovery.


There have been many drugs developed throughout history, but they target only 10-20% of disease-related proteins. The remaining 80% could not be addressed with the conventional protein-targeted approaches, and therefore, patients suffering from diseases caused by them have remained untreated. If we channel our drug discovery efforts towards the mRNAs that encode such difficult-to-drug proteins, we can increase the druggable space by four to five times and dramatically improve human health.

The potential of targeting mRNAs has been recognized since the end of the previous millennium. However, due to the limited technology to analyze RNA structures, few attempts have been made to target them. So far, only a dozen of mRNA-targeted drugs have been approved, and they are extremely expensive. In view of this situation, Veritas In Silico developed thermodynamics-based informatics tools to identify druggable motifs on the mRNA and repurposed existing biological tools to obtain molecules that target mRNA motifs. The informatics and biological tools are integrated into our ibVIS platform, which facilitates the discovery and development of both small molecule and antisense drugs. The platform also allows us to obtain clinical candidates within a short period of time and drastically reduce their manufacturing cost. To enhance our ibVIS platform for mRNA-targeted drug discovery, we are continually evaluating our technologies through internal and collaborative drug discovery projects.


Even as new therapeutic modalities are gaining popularity, the classical small molecule drugs are still preferred due to their low manufacturing cost and ease of delivery. We are creating a new role for small molecules by identifying and aiming them at mRNA motifs, and in doing so, improving the quality of life of patients without imposing a great financial burden. We have chosen to partner with pharmaceutical companies to be able to develop many mRNA-targeted small molecule drugs in the shortest possible time. As pathfinders, we will continue to explore new ways to perfect our ibVIS platform and, along with our partners, contribute to the health of people worldwide.

Shingo Nakamura

Representative Director,
Founder and CEO